Choosing Beautiful Jewelry

Choosing Beautiful Jewelry

  • Tips For Buying Authentic Native American Jewelry

    As a collector of Native American jewelry, being able to differentiate between authentic and reproduction pieces is important. Knowing the difference can be challenging, but learning is necessary if you want to build up your collection. To help ensure your collection is authentic, here are some tips to remember while shopping. Research the Tribes Jewelry stylings will differ from tribe to tribe. If you are searching for pieces from a tribe, take the time to research the tribe and its jewelry making.

  • How To Easily Repair A Broken Chain On A Necklace

    If you have a broken chain on a necklace, you may be able to fix it and repair the necklace so that you can continue to use it. It is very easy to fix a broken chain on most necklaces. All you need is a pair of small needle nose pliers in order to fix the broken chain on your necklace. Step One: Examine The Necklace The first thing that you need to do is examine the necklace and see how it is broken.

  • Jewelry Shopping 101: 3 Helpful Tips For Buying A Ring For The Man In Your Life

    There are plenty of resources when it comes to shopping for jewelry for a woman. Ask anyone for help and you'll likely hear some good advice. Unfortunately, there isn't much help when it comes to shopping for men. Luckily, ring shopping for a man doesn't have to be hard. Whether you're buying the ring for your father, husband, or friend you can use these three tips to help you find that perfect piece of jewelry:

  • 3 Things To Consider When Creating The Ultimate Custom Designed Ring For Your Loved One

    Having a custom ring designed for your loved one is an excellent way to show your appreciation for her and to let her know that she deserves having something that nobody else in the world has. It's also an opportunity to prove just how well you know her personality and preferences. Here are a few things to consider when having a custom ring designed for your loved one: Her Birthstone

  • Heading To Your Local Pawn Brokers? You Might Find Some Authentic Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry

    When you put Hawaiian and jewelry in the same sentence, the tendency is to think of floral leis or necklaces made of the tiny puka shells found on the island of Niihau. However, there's a lot more to Hawaiian jewelry than that. In the mid 19th century, gold bracelets given to members of Hawaii's royalty started the Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry craze. Not as commonly found on the United States' mainland as in the islands, it's still possible to come across these gems in a pawn shop.

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