Choosing Beautiful Jewelry

Choosing Beautiful Jewelry

Three Custom Jewelry Ideas Perfect For Mom

Bertha Garza

Whether you need a holiday present, birthday gift, or just want to let Mom know that you are thinking of her, a piece of custom jewelry is an excellent gift idea for every occasion. However, few things are more disheartening than to give someone a piece of jewelry that just collects dust in a jewelry box.

With a piece of custom jewelry, you can make sure that it meets all of Mom's preferred jewelry characteristics. Some of the things you can customize include the design, size, metal, and stones used for the jewelry. Check out some terrific custom jewelry ideas that Mom will love.

1. Create a Piece of "Mother's" Jewelry

One excellent jewelry idea is to create a piece that incorporates all of Mom's kids and grandchildren into a single piece of jewelry. There are a couple of different ways to do this.

If Mom likes to wear rings, you can order a ring that displays each child or grandchild's birthstone in a design. You can choose the design that you think Mom will like; some possibilities are a flower, heart, or an infinity swirl.

Other women prefer to wear necklaces. A necklace that displays the kids' birthstones on a family tree locket or a pendant is an item Mom is sure to love. If you are concerned that Mom will have more kids or grandchildren in the future, there are some pendants that you can add stones to when the time comes.

2. Re-Purpose a Piece of Mom's Old Jewelry into a New Design

Perhaps Mom has an old piece of jewelry that no longer fits or no longer suits her sense of style. Don't let this piece go to waste! Instead, re-purpose it into something that Mom will wear.

For example, if Mom has an old ring adorned with gemstones that no longer fits, you can use them gemstones in another ring or even in another piece of jewelry entirely, such as a brooch or earrings. 

3. Recreate a Family Heirloom

If there is a family heirloom that Mom loves, such as Grandma's favorite ring, you can have a jeweler recreate the heirloom so that Mom has her own version of the piece. Sadly, with a special heirloom, it can only be passed down to a single member of the family. Or, perhaps the heirloom was lost over the years, but the entire family has vivid memories of the piece. This way, Mom will have a piece of meaningful piece of jewelry that conjures fond memories when she wears it.

For more information on custom design jewelry, contact a local jeweler. 


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