Choosing Beautiful Jewelry

Choosing Beautiful Jewelry

Pros And Cons Of Using A Rubber Watch Band

Bertha Garza

When you buy a watch, it's easy to be so focused on the look of its face that you largely disregard the band. Giving some consideration to the band, however, is important because this part of the timepiece plays a role in both how the timepiece watch looks and how it feels on your arm. Some watches have rubber bands, including certain models that possess faces that are more on the formal side. If you haven't previously tried this type of strap, here are some pros and cons to note.

Pro: Holds The Watch In Place

If you're the type of person who dislikes when your watch slides up and down your arm each time that you raise or lower your arm, you'll almost certainly be in favor of choosing a rubber band. The stickiness of the rubber does an effective job of holding the timepiece to your wrist, and provided that you don't adjust the strap so that it's too loose, you can count on the timepiece remaining in place on your arm.

Con: Can Irritate Your Skin

People who live in hot climates or who sweat heavily may want to consider a different type of watch band. Because the rubber usually sits tightly against your skin, it can cause a little irritation at times. For example, the skin may get itchy because of the sweat trapped under the band. If you favor the rubber look and are worried about skin irritation, you can often get around this issue by loosening the band by one notch.

Pro: Inexpensive To Replace

If your rubber band gets damaged or if you're simply looking to give your timepiece an updated appearance, you can replace the band without a considerable expense. You'll commonly find that rubber bands are among the least expensive, especially compared to bands made of leather or metal. This means that you won't break the bank to switch bands, even if you do so regularly.

Con: Some Can Look Cheap

There's little question that a lot of rubber watch bands look stylish, but there are also some that appear a little cheap. You'll want to be careful when you shop for this type of timepiece, especially if you plan to wear it to work or when you're dressed up. If you buy a timepiece with a band that appears a little cheaper than you'd like, the good news is that you can replace the band.


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