Choosing Beautiful Jewelry

Choosing Beautiful Jewelry

Caring For Your Earrings

Bertha Garza

Earrings are among the most commonly used types of jewelry. However, individuals will frequently be fairly uninformed about caring for earrings, and this can lead to these expensive pieces of jewelry becoming damaged or destroyed. If you are wanting to protect your earrings from common sources of damage and other problems, there are a handful of steps that should always be followed.

Avoid Allowing The Earrings To Bend

If the earrings become bent, you will find that they can be extremely uncomfortable and unsightly to wear. Sadly, individuals that keep their earrings loose in a jewelry box will often find that they suffer this type of damage. While it may be possible to partially correct this bend, it can still impact the comfort and appearance of wearing the earrings. Ideally, each set of earrings that you own should be stored in an earring holder. These holders are able to protect the backing of the earrings to reduce the risk of bending occurring. An added benefit of using these devices is that you can also prevent your earrings from rolling out, which can contribute to them becoming scratched while they are being stored.

Regularly Clean The Earrings

Individuals that fail to regularly clean their earrings can find that they experience a number of problems. One of the most immediate will be the appearance of the earrings severely deteriorating. This occurs due to oil, dirt and dust tarnishing the metal and gemstones. Regularly cleaning the visible parts of the earring will help to correct this problem. Additionally, the back of the earrings should also be cleaned regularly. This will limit the amount of bacteria that can get on the earrings, which can help you to avoid infections, acne and other potential problems.

Have Loose Earring Gemstones Secured

If you have owned your earrings for many years, there is a strong chance that the gemstone will eventually start to loosen. When individuals fail to have the stone secured, it can eventually fall out, which could represent a major financial loss. Correcting a loose stone will depend on the way that the stone was originally secured. Some jewelers will use a specially designed adhesive to secure the gemstones in place, and if this is the case for your jewelry, adding more of this adhesive should correct the problem. However, those that use a series of pins and supports to hold the stone in place will be more difficult to correct. A professional jeweler will be able to correct this problem, but it may take a couple of days depending on the workload of the jewelry repair service.


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