Choosing Beautiful Jewelry

Choosing Beautiful Jewelry

Get More From Your Turquoise Jewelry

Bertha Garza

If you possess turquoise pieces and jewelry items, then you know how stylish and versatile it is. These accents go with anything--from casual to formal--and will bring a western flair to your favorite outfits and garments. If you don't own turquoise, consider adding some basic pieces to your wardrobe for a cool and contemporary look with your favorite ensembles.

Make the most of your turquoise pieces with the following suggestions:

Store your turquoise smartly. Take care of your turquoise pieces and keep them together in a soft, protective bag or case. Sterling silver can oxidize when exposed to the air or water, so keep them dry and protected where they can be easily accessed--and admired--as you wish.

Invest in new turquoise pieces. The time to buy turquoise jewelry is now; prices are competitive and the selections are wide. Invest in new pieces to augment your seasonal wardrobes, as the right turquoise accents will expand your current closet to include numerous new looks!

Use care to keep your turquoise clean. There are numerous ways to clean your jewelry, but turquoise requires gentle care and cleaning to stay pristine.

Use these tips when cleaning your turquoise pieces:

  • Wipe the stones gently with a soft rag or soft-bristled toothbrush and warm water.
  • Dry the stone well with a soft cloth.
  • Clean the metal, silver or gold, using a cleaning solution recommended and being careful not to wipe on your turquoise stone surfaces.

Integrate turquoise into everyday ensembles. Try incorporating your favorite turquoise pieces in your everyday wardrobe, to the office, school, or store. Try combining your jewelry for a Bohemian look or highlight a specific piece, such as a pendant, with a simple outfit to draw attention to your turquoise.

Wear to impress with formal attire. Turquoise jewelry is not just for casual or western wear; wear your pieces with formal attire, suits, cocktail dresses, and gowns, to bring a western flavor to even the most formal ensembles.

Enjoy a distinct western style. Show the world where your heart is by bringing your western style wherever you go. Wear your jewelry at the club, when shopping, and even when you hit the beach! Pair with your favorite boots for a look that is distinctly your own and undoubtedly western.

Consider gifting turquoise to others. Share the beauty of turquoise with others. Give unique turquoise pieces--such as cufflinks, charms, and anklets--to others for an inexpensive gift-giving solution that will be worn and appreciated. Look for new pieces from online sellers and merchants, or scour consignment stores and second-hand clothing shops for vintage jewelry that is perfect for someone you care about.

Turquoise is inexpensive and widely available; build-up your collection with a few pieces that will work with your favorite clothing. Enjoy the ease of caring for your turquoise jewelry, and consider giving prized pieces to loved ones as a thoughtful gift solution. Visit sites and sellers to find quality turquoise and wide selections to choose from. Check out jewelry lines like House of Harlow for more ideas.


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