Choosing Beautiful Jewelry

Choosing Beautiful Jewelry

  • Heading To Your Local Pawn Brokers? You Might Find Some Authentic Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry

    When you put Hawaiian and jewelry in the same sentence, the tendency is to think of floral leis or necklaces made of the tiny puka shells found on the island of Niihau. However, there's a lot more to Hawaiian jewelry than that. In the mid 19th century, gold bracelets given to members of Hawaii's royalty started the Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry craze. Not as commonly found on the United States' mainland as in the islands, it's still possible to come across these gems in a pawn shop.

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Choosing Beautiful Jewelry

I have always been someone who loves to look great for work, but about six months ago I was surprised when a coworker pulled me aside. She talked with me about how loud my jewelry was looking, and she explained that more than a few clients had complained about it. I realized that she was right, so I started looking for classier pieces of jewelry that very day. It was incredible to see how big of a difference a few small shopping trips made. Check out this blog for great information about choosing beautiful, simple jewelry that you will love forever.